Tamarindo Fishing

Information on Fishing in Tamarindo, Costa Rica: Northwest Coast

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The waters in front of Tamarindo Beach are the primary fishing grounds in Costa Rica for the northwest Pacific coast sport fishing fleet. Tamarindo itself faces a major shore-ward sweep of the continental shelf and the 100 and 1000 fathom lines. For this reason our run time to deep, blue-water fishing (10-30 min.) is less than that of other locations. Although Costa Rica sport fishing is excellent year 'round, peak seasons are April-August and November-March.

April-August is the traditional fishing season in this area, as charters take place directly in front of Tamarindo, often only a ten minute run away. Half day charters fish closer to shore with lighter tackle in search of mackeral, dolphinfish (mahi-mahi or, locally, dorado), wahoo, tuna and other species, or bottom fishing for roosterfish, amberjack, snapper or shark. Full day charters move offshore in search of large dolphinfish, giant tuna, sailfish, and blue, black and striped marlin.

photo of Costa Rica roosterfish

November-March is the "high season" in Costa Rica, tourist-wise. The weather is characterized by high offshore winds which frequently preclude deep water fishing in front of Tamarindo because of rough seas. Half day charters on the smaller boats during this period spend time offshore as weather permits, returning to fish the shoreline for roosterfish and other species if winds build.

Full day charters run 30-60 minutes to the south to find calm waters which are protected from the wind. This area to the south hosts dolphinfish, giant tuna, sailfish, and blue, black and striped marlin during this time of year. Take a look at our Costa Rica charter boats for size, capacity, and more.

There is no particular "season" as regards what species are available when fishing in Costa Rica. For instance, September and October can generally be the height of the rainy season in Costa Rica, yet we often experience superb fishing during these months. All species mentioned above and more may be caught at any time of year.

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All captains are experienced professionals, and as a group represent the most comprehensive body of local knowledge of these waters available regarding fishing in Costa Rica. Our primary concern is conservation. Catch-and-release is practiced on all billfish; with food species the practice is catch what you can eat and release the rest. We need and welcome any support offered for conservation efforts in order to protect the incredible resource we share.

Please vist our page on sailfish tagging, which has information on a program we are participating in to enhance our knowledge of the sailfish population in Costa Rica. Check out our Costa Rica fishing vacations for custom packages and more. We also offer charters in other fishing locations in Costa Rica.

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